Stromalab - Targeting the stroma to regenerate Médecine régénératrice, thérapie cellulaire, cellules souches mésenchymateuses, tissu adipeux, moelle osseuse, réparation, régénération Regenerative medicine, cell therapy, mesenchymal stem cells, adipose tissue, bone marrow, repair, regeneration

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Publications » The Release of Adipose Stromal Cells from Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue Regulates Ectopic Intramuscular Adipocyte Deposition

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  Amandine Girousse, Marta Gil-Ortega, Virginie Bourlier, Célia Bergeaud, Quentin Sastourné-Arrey, Cédric Moro, Corinne Barreau, Christophe Guissard, Julie Vion, Emmanuelle Arnaud, Jean-Philippe Pradère, Noémie Juin, Louis Casteilla, Coralie Sengenès Cell Reports Download PDF

Publications » Mass spectrometry-based absolute quantification of 20S proteasome status for controlled ex-vivo expansion of Human Adipose-derived Mesenchymal Stromal/Stem Cells

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Thomas Menneteau, Bertrand Fabre, Luc Garrigues, Alexandre Stella, Dusan Zivkovic, Florence Roux-Dalvai, Emmanuelle Mouton-Barbosa, Mathilde Beau, Marie-Laure Renoud, François Amalric, Luc Sensébé, Anne Gonzalez-de-Peredo, Isabelle Ader, Odile Burlet-Schiltz, Marie-Pierre Bousquet Molecular & Cellular Proteomics

Publications » CD54-Mediated Interaction with Pro-inflammatory Macrophages Increases the Immunosuppressive Function of Human Mesenchymal Stromal Cells.

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Espagnolle N, Balguerie A, Arnaud E, Sensebé L, Varin A. Stem Cell Reports

Publications » Spatial and temporal structure of the clinical research based on mesenchymal stromal cells: A network analysis.

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Monsarrat P, Kemoun P, Vergnes JN, Sensebe L, Casteilla L, Planat-Benard V. Cytotherapy

Publications » Rationale for Determining the Functional Potency of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Preventing Regulated Cell Death for Therapeutic Use.

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Naji A, Suganuma N, Espagnolle N, Yagyu KI, Baba N, Sensebé L, Deschaseaux F. Stem Cells Transl Med.

Equipe 2 » Aim 1 : Natives MSC and stemness

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Presentation : The main tissues of mesenchymal stem / stromal cells (MSCs) are bone marrow (BM) and adipose tissue (AT). These cells together form a network of cells ranging from the stem cell to the progenitors to the differentiated cells that are osteoblasts, chondrocytes, perivascular cells and medullary adipocytes for bone marrow,  CSMs and adipocytes, perivascular cells and fibroblasts for TA MSCs. In humans, the identities and microenvironments of stem cells and progenitors remain to be discovered.   Scientific objective : The objectives of the group are therefore to characterize these subpopulations of CSM within the MO or TA in adult...