Stromalab - Targeting the stroma to regenerate Médecine régénératrice, thérapie cellulaire, cellules souches mésenchymateuses, tissu adipeux, moelle osseuse, réparation, régénération Regenerative medicine, cell therapy, mesenchymal stem cells, adipose tissue, bone marrow, repair, regeneration

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Publications » Immuno-metabolism and adipose tissue: The key role of hematopoietic stem cells.

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Cousin B, Casteilla L, Laharrague P, Luche E, Lorsignol A, Cuminetti V, Paupert J. Biochimie.

Équipe 1 » Aim 2 : WAT hematopoiesis and tissue integrity

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Presentation : This theme was developed within the team on the basis of very innovative results showing that the stromal fraction of adipose tissue has a potential for hematopoietic regeneration. We have demonstrated that this hematopoietic activity of adipose tissue is based on the presence of an abundant population of hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells, which essentially produce myeloid cells within this tissue, but also in other organs, under physiological conditions or following tissue injury. An alteration of the hematopoietic activity of adipose tissue can lead to the development of metabolic diseases, which shows the crucial importance of this process in maintaining tissue...