Stromalab - Targeting the stroma to regenerate Médecine régénératrice, thérapie cellulaire, cellules souches mésenchymateuses, tissu adipeux, moelle osseuse, réparation, régénération Regenerative medicine, cell therapy, mesenchymal stem cells, adipose tissue, bone marrow, repair, regeneration

Job Offers

Engineer « 3D culture and in vivo studies in mice »

We are looking for an engineer for a 24 months contract (March 2019-March 2021), on a project supported by the ANR and managed by Inserm. The principal technics employed will be culture in 3-dimensions and in vivo engraftment of spheroids in mice. Molecular biology and biochemistry will be also used. Experience in in vivo studies would be a plus for the candidate.


Supervisors :

Audrey Carrière :