Stromalab - Targeting the stroma to regenerate Médecine régénératrice, thérapie cellulaire, cellules souches mésenchymateuses, tissu adipeux, moelle osseuse, réparation, régénération Regenerative medicine, cell therapy, mesenchymal stem cells, adipose tissue, bone marrow, repair, regeneration

Researchers night 2019 !


As every year, StromaLab will be present at the European Researchers’ Night. This year the theme is enigmas/escape game, and we will be partnering with Toxalim and RF lab (I2MC Team 12) for an investigation on the future of children’s snacks in the human body. Come and visit us on September 27th from 6pm to midnight at the Quai des savoirs!!!!

Edited the 11th of october 2019 :

This year again was a great success for our stand, and for the researchers’ night as a whole. Thank you all for your curiosity, enthusiasm and encouragement. We’ll meet again next year in the space city where it will be easier to breathe and get along!

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Congratulations to the new Doctor of Science, Dr SASTOURNÉ-ARREY, for obtaining his thesis. All STROMALab wishes him a meaningful and rewarding career and good luck for all his future projects.
Congratulations again!

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Futurapolis 2018


Once again, StromaLab met with great success with INSERM on its stand at Futurapolis 2018 in Toulouse. Despite the blockages and other disruptions in the city, many of you were curious about the research world, and asked us many questions! It is always a pleasure, and in a way, a duty, to share the knowledge we have gained from our research activities.

Thank you again to all of you and do not hesitate to consult our agenda regularly to know where and when to come to meet us.


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StromaLab at the European Researchers Night


Once again this year, many of you came to see us on our stand at Researchers’ Night!

We thank you again for your interest in our research theme and, more generally, in science.

Here are some souvenir photos:


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European Researchers’ Night 2017


Big success last night at the’ Mini Chercheurs’ stand of the Stromalab team where children (but also adults) came to meet the researchers.

Young aspiring « researchers » were able to discover how to obtain mesenchymal stem cells with powerful and varied therapeutic properties from adipose tissue.

The program: handling of the mouse stuffed animals, whose « operation » allowed the extraction of fat tissue, followed by a centrifugal passage to collect the stem cells to be grown in an oven before injecting them into a sick heart. Not to mention, of course, the careful and indispensable observation of our precious cells under the microscope.

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